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Art is part of our cultural wealth, both in the past and the future. It remains, even under otherwise unfavorable conditions, a cohesive agent of collective identity. At the same time, Art is transcendent, overcoming political, social, economic and physical barriers.
Even the devastating consequences of violent conflicts.

The aim of this website is to collect information about all artworks lost in Cyprus in the days of destruction. The ones left behind in the occupied areas constitute, of course, the biggest part. This is an attempt to include and salvage available evidence and testimonies. Reinforcing the hope that the artworks can be located and returned. Similar to the case of over 200 paintings held in the occupied areas, for which the Bi-communal Technical Committee on Culture was mandated in February 2019, within the framework of agreed confidence-building measures, to facilitate their return to their legitimate owners.

A mosaic of testimonies creating the big picture. The big picture of all of us. One that no destruction should be allowed to spoil.


A testimony comprises any information that can help in recording the lost artworks in order for them to be identified and returned to their legitimate owners. To this purpose, a 5-part questionnaire has been compiled, requesting information on each artwork and its owner. Additionally, it is possible to reinforce this information with supportive testimonies, where available, as well as with documents or photographs that can help in their confirmation.


Personal Information


Artwork Category


Geographical Area


Supporting Testimonies


Confirmation and submission

Personal information

Fill in your personal information in order to record the testimony. Please note that for ease of communication, you will be asked for an email address at the end of the questionnaire.

* mandatory fields

Artwork Category

Describe the work of art, first by choosing the artwork category and then the artwork type. Note also the alternative option "Other types of works or objects of art". The field "Information about the artwork" should be used to record more information and provide a more detailed description of the artwork. There is also the possibility of uploading relevant electronic files.

(Max file size 20MB)
Geographical Area

Please give as much information as possible to help pinpoint the location of the artwork and the time when it was last confirmed. You may use the 'Other relevant information' field for a description and more details about the site (e.g. where the exact address is not available). In the "Date" field you can also indicate the year or month of confirmation only, in case of no exact date.

Supporting testimonies

You may want to include additional testimonials testimonies related to the specific artwork from other people (by name and ID), including their contact details (an email address at least).

Confirmation and submission

I solemnly declare that I am over the age of 16 and that the information I have submitted is true and accurate. I authorize the Office of the Negotiator of the Greek Cypriot side for the Cyprus Problem to uphold, in electronic or any other form, data of personal nature in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of 2018. By submitting my testimony Ι fully accept and agree with the following terms and conditions.